Janice Cameron Pennie is a highly experienced educator with a strong Early Years background. Her Scottish history and experience strongly influences her leadership. Her exemplary attention to detail and care for her students have given her a valued reputation as a leader for children on the Costa del Sol.


The staff of CIPS are and will be highly qualified, highly trained international school teachers and nursery teachers, as well as those who demonstrate and model the values of the school and community. All members of staff are checked for criminal records and are safety trained. The school provides immediate medical attention for staff and students.

Board of Governors

The CIPS Board of Governors is an experienced group of professionals who guide the school leadership in matters related to school development, finances, legal and provision of a high quality international school.

Mission, Vision, Values and Motto

CIPS exists to provide a safe, rigorous, inspiring, personalised, internationally-minded and fun learning environment for international students in a community environment.

The CIPS has the responsibility to provide a safe, encouraging and fun learning environment to prepare our students for an unpredictable future. Creativity, critical-thinking, service to others, languages, an ethical and strong moral compass, health and wellness and to be at home with diversity are fundamental to our school philosophy. Embedded into a rigorous curriculum are local and global perspectives, to encourage an awareness and responsibility towards the world which they will inherit.
CIPS’ core values are driven by the International Primary Curriculum. At CIPS we endeavour to build the core values of respect, honesty, cooperation and sharing.
“Let us Unite” is the CIPS school motto which is from the school crest. It signifies the coming together of the school community to celebrate international-mindedness, peace, sustainability and friendship. It implies that the school community works together to help students achieve their best in academic and social realms.