My daughter came here for 4 years full time from age 4 months old and now attends their summer camp in the school holidays. She has always loved it and in my opinion is the best in Spain; great care, great place, great staff. Highly recommended.
Lisa Parody
Both of my kids, ages 7 and 4 go to Cameron International and KiddiBank and I could not be happier with the care and education that they receive. The school is extremely supportive to students and parents both in terms of the tailored education they receive and the flexibility and transparency they offer to parents. My daughter spent two years at a local school where she did well, but since starting at Cameron has flourished and is almost unrecognisable in the confidence and independence she has gained. As a parent, I have had full access to the school and teachers any time it’s needed and I’ve never had a worry about childcare during holidays or working late as they are open all holidays and provide an extensive after school program (my kids do dancing, basketball, lego robotics and taek-wondo). This school has made a material difference to our lives as a family and I could not recommend them highly enough.
Sarah Mclean
Kiddibank Day Care was introduced to us in 2013 by ‘word of mouth’ with a high recommendation given, so our expectations were equally high before our initial inspection. The first visit did not disappoint with spacious and bright classrooms with abundant daylight. Atmosphere felt comfortable and the additional optional services (taxi service and medical assistance for emergency situations) brought comfort, taking into account that we (both parents) have a one hour commute to/from our workplace.
Our daughter is now 4 years old and over the course of time, we have witnessed our child develop in a happy, caring and disciplined environment. Teachers are friendly and approachable. Any situations that have arisen were dealt with professionalism, alongside open discussions with our child’s best interests always at the forefront. A plus factor for us which helped built trust in the early stages is the flexibility and transparency in the running of the nursery, with parents allowed access to the classroom area (not all nurseries do). The curriculum is fun as well as educational with an open minded approach. Opening hours are great for those parents working full time with school bank holidays covered.
Based on our own experience to date and our child’s development and eagerness to attend nursery each day, we are happy to highly recommend Kiddibank to any parent.
Susan Gemmell